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Sergeant Thomas BARBER, Sr
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Lieutenant Thomas BARBER, Jr 1

  • Born: 14 Jul 1644, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Christened: 14 Jul 1644, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Married (1): 17 Dec 1663, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Married (2): Abt 1664, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Married (3): 27 Apr 1671, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
  • Died: 10 May 1713, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

   Another name for Thomas was Lieutenant.

   Ancestral File Number: FKXF-1G. User ID: 1152.

   General Notes:


Removed to Simsbury with Brother Samuel 1670/1671, Lieutenant of the first
military company of Simsbury, Fought in King Philips War, Built First Saw-mill and Grist-mill in Simsbury Abt 1680, Built First Church in Simsbury 1683, Freeman Windsor 11 Oct 1669.

Part of the Genealogy of the Barber Family
(Handwritten by ?Col Levi Barber vs Capt Levi Barber)
First Generation
Thomas Barber of Mildred Bradstreet England aged 21 years, sailed from London England, in March 1635 in the ship 'Christian' for America after taking the oath of Allegiance and Subservience, resided in Dorchester Massachusetts afterwards in Windsor Connecticut, was engaged in the Pequot war under Stoughton, his wife's name Jane, who with her husband both died in 1662. Thomas and Jane had 6 children.
Second Generation
1st Samuel Barber, son of Thomas and Jane Barber, born in 1648 married 1st wife Mary Cousins or Mary Long, 2nd wife * Drake daughter of John Drake. He had two children by his first wife and two by his last wife.
?Third Generation
2nd Samuel Barber, son of 1st Samuel and Mary Barber, born 1673, married Mercy Holcomb. They had six children, 4 sons and 2 daughters, who removed with their widowed mother, from Windsor to West Simsbury, now Canton, Connecticut in 1738. Mercy Holcomb Barber at the time of the removal was 47 years old. She was 18 years younger than her husband and died in 1787 aged 96 years.
Fourth Generation
3rd Samuel Barber (Dr) born in 1713, died in 1797, 1st wife Tryphena Humphrey; wnd wife Hannah Humphrey, each wife bore 7 children; Tryphena died aged 30 years; Hannah died aged 93 years, the 3rd Samuel Barber was the son of the 2nd Samuel Barber and Mercy Barber.

9K6R-GN, Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records C W Manwaring Vol I p94, Vol II p154-155, LDS Family Registry BARBER Samuel, Chicago Lending Library Book V-291-A, LDS Family Registry BARBER Thomas, Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Conn A3C1, LDS Family Registry BARBER Thomas, Barber Genealogy Book, IGI Birth 7029222-39-538636 8623791-6-1396230 and 7450304-002891, IGI Christening 7307121-80-822701, IGI Marriage 7218005-13-820435 A456342-456342 A455785-455785 7022302-83-538528 and 7623117-39-1058615, Ancestral File Ver 4.10 FKXF-1G, Barber Genealogy Sect I Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909 Sect II Descendants of John Barber of Worcester Massachusetts 1714-1909 Publ JohnBarber White Ed Lillian May Wilson Haverhill Mass Press of the Nichols Print 1909 clxiv 659p 10-11369 CS71.B24 1909, The Connecticut Barbers A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut Donald S Barber McDowell Publications Utica NY 1992 p2, 5, Family Search 2 Jul 1999 Ancestral File v4.19 AFN: FKXF-1G and G63W-T7.

2nd- Lieutenant Thomas Barber, First Military Company of Simsbury Connecticut and was called Lieutenant Thomas- see pg 22 Barber Genealogy [Reference: Genealogy of Our Barber Family 1614-1965 by Lucy James COLE Flemming- Military Record of Barber (Our) Lineage]

"...BARBER, Thomas, Windsor, came in the 'Christian', 1635, aged 21, resid. prob. at Dorchester first, was engag. in the Pequot war, I suppose, under Stoughton, m. 7 oct 1640, Joan, had John, bapt 24 July 1642; Thomas, 14 Jul 1644; Sarah, 19 Jul 1646; Samuel, 1 Oct 1648; Mary, 12 Oct 1651; and Josiah..."

Barber Genealogy, Sect I Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909, Sect II Descendants of John Barber of Worcester Massachusetts 1714-1909, Publ John Barber White, Ed Lillian May Wilson, Haverhill Mass, Press of the Nichols Print, 1909, clxiv 659p 24cm, 10-11369, CS71.B24 1909, Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909.
p18: "Children (of Thomas Barber and Jane or Joan):
"+3. II. Thomas, b. July 14, 1644..."
p20: "Second Generation...
p21: "3. Thomas Barber, (Thomas1), b July 14 1644; m Dec 17 1663, Mary Phelps, who was b Mar 2 1644. She was the dau of William Phelps, Sr, known as `Ould Mr Phelps', and his second wife, Mary (Dover) Phelps.
"The old Windsor records show that in 1664, Thomas Barber bought land in Windsor `whereon he builded, the lot of Samuel Pond, except about 1 1/2 acres next to Silver Street on which Pond's house stood, and which doubtless face face the Hollow Fall Road.'
"Other records show that Thomas and his brothers John and Samuel were among the original grantees of Simsbury, having received a portion of the `Meadow Lands' lying along theRiver Massaco, under an order of the General Court, of Hartford, of December, 1666, which stipulated that `within two years the person to whom granted should improve them by plowing, mowing, building, fencing, etc.'
"In 1669 Massaco was set off from Windsor and made a separate township under the name of Sims bury, to which Thomas and his brother Samuel, with their families, removed in 1670 or 1671, and began improving the lands at that place which they had inherited from their father Thomas.
"Thomas Barber was lieutenant of the first military company of Simsbury, and was known as Lieut. Thomas. He built the first saw-mill and grist-mill in Simsbury, also the first church, regarding the location of which there wassome contention among the settlers, which was finally decided by lot, and the location fixed in the southern end of Terry's Plains.
"Thomas Barber died in Simsbury, May 10, 1713. His estate was valued at L488 18s 3d..."

Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, Charles W Manwaring, Vol I, Hartford Dist, p94: "20 Oct 1662, Thomas Barber's Will: Thomas Barber doth engage to take Samuel Barber's portion. To Thomas Barber by Guift & his portion L13-00-00."

Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, C W Manwaring, Vol II, p154-155: "Thomas Barber, Sen., Simsbury. Invt. L488-18-03. Taken 21 May 1713. Court Record, 1 Jun 1713: This Court grant letters of Adms on the estate of Thomas Barber unto Thomas Barber, son ofsd. decd."

The Connecticut Barbers, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut, Donald S Barber, McDowell Publications, Utica NY, 1992, p2: "Children of Thomas and Jane, born at Windsor:
"...3. Thomas2, bp 14 Jul 1644; m Mary Phelps..."
p5: "...3. Thomas2 Barber, bp Windsor CT 14 Jul 1644; d Simsbury CT 10 May 1713; m Windsor 17 Dec 1663 Mary Phelps, b 2 Mar 1644, daughter of William Sr and Mary (Dover) Phelps.
"After Thomas and Mary were married, they lived in a house built by Thomas in Windsor. About 1670/1671 he moved his family to Simsbury along with his brother Samuel and family.
"On 3 Mar 1676, during the so-called 'King Phillip's War', Lieutenant Thomas Barber of the original military company of Simsbury was instrumental in saving the Simsbury residents, according to an old tradition. Some of Phillip's Wampanoag Indians threatened to attack the town. Thomas 'Ascended the roof of his house, in the place called Hopmeadow, and beat an alarm on his drum. The wind being favorable, the alarm was heard in Windsor, some seven or eight miles off.' The Windsor militia, hearing the alarm, quickly assembled, rushed to Simsbury and were able to evacuate safely the people of Simsbury to safety in Windsor, where they stayed for several months. Eventually they returned to their community and began the task of rebuilding. King Phillip burned and destroyed everything on 26 Mar 1676.
"Once the town was rebuilt life in Simsbury was due to change. Up to this point the grain grown by the farmers had to be hauled to the Warham Gristmill in Windsor. This was no easy task, due to weather conditions not always being favorable, the roadsleaving much to be desired even for the oxen, and the lessinging danger of attacks by Indians or wild animals.
"Thomas Barber had proven his leadership ability during the King Phillip's War, and now his skills, along with those of 3 othermen, were contracted by the town for a more peaceful pursuit: that of building and running a sawmill and gristmill. The Simsbury gristmill built by these men in about 1680 was operated as a Jute Yarn factory under the ownership of R H Ensign.After that the mill was idle for about 30 years. In 1985 major renovations took place.
"The Ensign-Bickford Company dismantled the entire building board by board and reassembled it. The present-day building is beautifully restored, winningfor the owners the Greater Hartford Architecture Conservancy Award. The Hop Brook Restaurant is located in the present structure. This is an absolutely delightful place beside the brook, for lunch or dinner. The author highly recommends it. "Thomas Barber's carpentry skills, passed on from his father, were much in demand, and he later built the first church in Simsbury, in 1683. He was hired by the town in 1671 to build a meeting house for public worship, but for 12 years therewas a bitter argument over which side of the river it would be built on. Finally 2 slips of paper were placed in a hat, and one was drawn, in favor of the West side of the river. Once it was completed, the new building was used for 60 years. [Ref: Barber Gen; Barber Gen #2; Barbour IX:m; Barber Gen #7]" p6: "Children of Thomas and Mary:
"7. John3, b 1 Nov 1664; m Mary Holcomb.
"Mary3, b 11 Jan 1666. [Ref: CHS:LBBarbour Ms]
"Sarah3, b 12 Jul 1669; d 31 Mar 1748; m 26Nov 1701 Andrew Robe, b 30 May 1662. Sarah had no children. [Ref: CHS:LBBarbour Ms]
"Joanna3, b 1670; m/1 Simsbury 3 Jan 1710/1711 Josiah Adkins, bp 16 Jan 1686/1687, son of Thomas and Jane (Williams) Adkins; d Hartford CT 25 Jun 1713. Joanna and Josiah had no children; m/2 Benjamin Colt (d 1739), son of John and Anne (Skinner) Colt. Benjamin m/1 ____...[Ref: Benjamin's Will; CHS:LBBarbour Ms; Barbour IX:b,m; GML:Adkins Gen; CSL:Colt Gen; CHS:Colt Ms; CSL:Elmer Gen]
"Anne3,b 1671;d 15 Nov 1722; m Simsbury 4 Dec 1701 Jonathan Higley, b Windsor 16 Feb 1675, d May 1716, son of John and Hannah (Drake) Higley. [Ref: Barbour IX:m; CHS:LBBarbour Ms]
"8. Thomas3, b 7 Oct 1672; m Abigail Buel.
"9. Samuel3, b 17May 1673; m Sarah Holcomb.
"Child3, b 1677; died young."

Genealogy of Our Barber Family 1614-1965 by Lucy James COLE Flemming
(Written by Lucy Cole Flemming (great granddaughter of Col Levi Barber from record book kept in the family and from Barber Genealogy compiled by Lillian May Wilson in 1909. Copied from LCF's handwritten account by granddaughter Linda Engle Lackore Summer 2000.)
"Thomas Barber- born about 1614 in County of Bedfordshire England. He came to Windsor Connecticut with a party fitted out by Richard Saltonstall, under Francis Stiles, a master carpenter of London. The Saltonstall party sailed on 16 Mar 1635 on the ship, 'Christian'...
"...He died 11 Sep 1662, married to Jane or Joan (surname not known) daughter of Dutch settler- said to have been first white woman to land in Connecticut. She died 10 Sep 1662. (Reference: Barber Genealogy pg 15-16 etc)
"Thomas and wife Joan had the following children:
John b 24 Jul 1642
Thomas b 14 Jul 1644 - (OUR ANCESTOR)
Sarah b 19 Jul 1646
Samuel b 1 Oct 1648
Mary b 12 Oct 1651
Josiah b 15 Feb 1653
"His inventory taken 20 Oct 1662 by Benjamin Newberry and John Moore- L132-14-00 (pounds-shillings-pence). Will is given on page 18 Barber Genealogy.
"Thomas Barber- 2 son of Thomas Barber born 14 Jul 1644, mar 17 Dec 1663 to Mary Phelps (born 2 Mar 1644). Thomas died 10 May 1713 Simsbury Connecticut. Estate valued at L448-182-3d.
"Thomas and his brothers, John and Samuel were among the original grantees of Simsbury Connecticut, having receied a portion of the 'Meadow Lands' lying along the River Massaca, under an order of the General Court of Hartford of Dec 1666.
"Thomas Barber- 2 was lieutenant of the first military company of Simsbury and was known as Lieut Thomas. He built the first sawmill and gristmill in Simsbury Connecticut and also the first church. (Barber Genealogy pg 22)
"The children of Thomas- 2 and Mary Phelps were the following:
John b 1 Nov 1664 m Mary Holcomb
Mary b 11 Jan 1666
Sarah b 12 Jul 1669 m Andrew Robe
Joanna b 1670 m 3 Jan 1710 Josiah Adkins
Anne b 1671 m Jonathan Higley
Thomas b 7 Oct 1672 m Abigail Buel
Samuel b 7 May 1673 m Sarah Holcomb - (OUR ANCESTOR)
Child b 1677 d young."

Ancestral File v4.19: Thomas BARBER (AFN: FKXF-1G), Sex M, Born 14 Jul 1644 Windsor Hartford CT, Christened 14 Jun 1644 Windsor Hartford CT, Married Spouse: Mary PHELPS (AFN: FKXF-9T) 17 Dec 1663 Windsor Harford CT, Spouse: Mary DOW (AFN: FKXF-TL) Abt 1664 Windsor Hartford CT, Spouse: Anne CHASE (AFN: 94SG-Z0) 27 Apr 1671 Of Newbury Essex MA, Died 10 Mar 1701 (sic) Simsbury Hartford CT,
FKXF-1G Chr 14 Jul 1644 Windsor Hartford Connecticut, Mar 1663 Windsor, Other Wife Mary DOW (AFN:FKXF-TL), Died 10 Mar 1701.

IGI Birth 7029222-39-538636 Hartford Hartford Connecticut, 8623791-6-1396230, and 7450304-002891 Father Thomas BARBER Mother Joan or Jane 14 Jul 1644 Windsor Hartford Connecticut.

IGI Christening 7307121-80-822701 Windsor HartfordConnecticut 14 Jul 1644.

IGI Marriage 7218005-13-820435 13 Dec 1660 Windsor, A456342-456342 1663, A455785-455785 17 Dec 1663 Simsbury, 7022302-83-538528 Marsey PHELPS, and 7623117-39-1058615 Mar Mary PHELPS 13 ?Oct<Dec ?1606<1660/1663 Windsor Hartford Connecticut.

LDS Submission: Mrs Harriet C Larsen 73 South 4th East Logan Utah. LDS Heir: Joseph Nephi Comish c 5th GGNephew il SB, 5thGGNephew SH. Thomas BARBER Mar Mary PHELPS Father Samuel BARBER.

LDS Submission: Roy Wilmot Hull Cardston Alberta Canada. LDS Heir: Roy Wilmot Hull 5th Great Grandson TBJr/MP. Thomas BARBER Born 14 Jul 1644 Windsor Mar Mary PHELPS 17 Dec 1663Simsbury Died 10 Mar 1713 Simsbury.

LDS Submission: Jesse T Warner 827 South 8th West Salt Lake City Utah. LDS Heir: Oliver Harmon 3rd Great Grandson TBSr/JC. Thomas BARBER Chr 14 Jul 1644 Windsor Mar (1) Mary PHELPS 17 Dec 1663 Died 10 Mar 1701.

   Marriage Information:

Thomas married Mary PHELPS, daughter of William PHELPS, Jr and Mary DOVER, on 17 Dec 1663 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. (Mary PHELPS was born on 2 Mar 1643/44 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA, christened on 19 Jul 1644-1645 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA and died on 13 Feb 1725/26 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.)

   Marriage Information:

Thomas also married Mary DOW about 1664 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. (Mary DOW was born about 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.)

   Marriage Information:

Thomas also married Anne CHASE on 27 Apr 1671 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. (Anne CHASE was born on 6 Jul 1647 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA and died in 1691 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.)


1 Ancestral File Ver 4.19, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998, FKXF-1G.

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